Setup Cloud Connect for your environment

Veeam introduced their "Cloud Connect" services, a simple offsite cloud copy of data, in version 8 of their availability suite products. Cloud Connect integrates with your existing on-premise Veeam setup allowing you to able to simply add PeaSoup as a service provider and use our storage as though it were your own, local repository.

How to add the PeaSoup Cloud into your Veeam environment


Select "Add Service Provider"



Fill in the DNS Name: in this example we use, yours may be different. Select "Next" once you've added this.

(You can add multiple service providers with different locations. Our uk-rep02 is based in our London datacentre)


On this page, you'll need to wait a few moments while the certificate is validated. Once completed, enter your credential by selecting "Add...". You can find these credentials in your setup guide. If you have not received this then contact your account manager or email


Add your credentials and select "OK".


Select the repository that is available for you.


Apply these resources and wait for the configuration to update. Then select "Next"


Finally, select "Finish" and you're all done.

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